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On May 30 at 2pm EST/7pm BST, London Real premiered our new award-winning documentary, “We Will Not Be Silenced”, exclusively live on X.

Chronicling the story of our David vs. Goliath battle against censorship in a world increasingly moderated by Silicon Valley technocrats, “We Will Not Be Silenced” is a cautionary tale for the modern age which underscores the importance of free speech, while reminding us all how fragile this most fundamental of human rights really is.

Focussed on 46 days in 2020, the documentary charts our tumultuous journey as we fought to broadcast and maintain our editorial independence having been deplatformed, all while under increasing scrutiny from governments and social media platforms alike… And how despite being banned by the powers-that be, we successfully managed to find other ways to reach our audiences…

… Livestreaming to over 1 million people through our own independent broadcasting solution and ushering in a new generation of self-publication, as content creators from across the world begin the fightback against Big Tech censorship.

The story of content creators vs. YouTube is about to be told.

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who is london real?

London Real is a leading independent broadcaster of transformative content, featuring in-depth interviews, documentaries, and discussions on a wide range of topics with some of the most important voices in the world, covering personal development, entrepreneurship, health, and social issues.

With a global audience which has resulted in over one billion views, five million subscribers, 52 million website visits and 1,000 incredible guests, London Real is dedicated to empowering individuals to unleash their full potential and create positive change in the world.

Having produced and directed six documentaries, “We Will Not Be Silenced” is the latest feature-length film created by London Real, showcasing the channel’s battle to protect free speech while under threat from Silicon Valley, regulators and government agendas.

billion views
million subscribers
million visitors

about brian rose

Brian Rose left a successful career as a banker in Wall Street and the City of London to start London Real. His life up to this point had delivered on the promises of his university education at MIT and his personal ambitions, but he felt empty.

So he quit his job and started a podcast to share his journey. He fought resistance to turn London Real into a new generation media business with over a billion views and five million subscribers. Brian has conducted over 1,000 in-depth interviews as an antidote to the numbing effects of mainstream media.

Trailers, clips & more

Watch and download the latest London Real “We Will Not Be Silenced” videos, including movie trailers, highlight clips from the documentary and more! With our online freedom of speech being curtailed on a seemingly daily basis as Silicon Valley, governments and regulators want to dictate what we can and can’t say, it has never been more important to share these assets far and wide. Your support is appreciated!
Original trailer

Runtime: 3 minutes 6 seconds

In this initial trailer, see highlights of the documentary describing some of the challenges faced by London Real when challenged with the adversity of being banned by Big Tech.

Alternative trailer

Runtime: 2 minute 11 seconds

This alternative video tells the story of “We Will Not Be Silenced”, from being banned by YouTube for broadcasting a livestream to being deplatformed for screening the original movie trailer.

festival reviews

“The documentary’s production quality is fantastic. From slickly edited snippets of real news interspersed with new imagery to pacing that ensures the audience never loses its focus, the documentary is hard hitting. Equally impressive is the sound design that rivals any major studio production. Packed with resonant themes about the meaning of freedom in today’s world coupled with some big questions about trust in those who rule us, the documentary is both poignant and thought-provoking.”
TMFF, 2024

“We Will Not Be Silenced is a shocking insight into the Orwellian world of online censorship witnessed up close and personal through the experiences of Brian
Rose, founder and host of London Real, who had his 2 million subscriber YouTube channel deplatformed for simply broadcasting interviews that challenged
the status quo.

Banned by Silicon Valley’s biggest monopolies, Rose and his millions of supporters defiantly fight back by broadcasting a world record-breaking global livestream, demonstrating the importance of defending our most fundamental right: freedom of speech.

Unfortunately on September 4th 2023, the London Real channel was deleted and permanently banned from YouTube, ending 12 years of free expression without recourse. We Will Not Be Silenced serves both as a cautionary tale and a beacon of inspiration, ushering in a new generation of self-broadcasting as content creators across the world begin to fight back against Big Tech’s censorship.”
Santa Monica Film Festival, 2024

london world premiere

Check out the photo gallery from our recent World Premiere, which was hosted at Ham Yard Cinema here in London. With David Icke in attendance, Brian Rose, the founder and host of London Real introduced the feature-length documentary to a packed audience, whose universal response of positivity and support speaks volumes about how important people value their free speech.

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